SHE-V Blog Is your technology slowing down your business?

I remember a time where it was a pain in the neck to upgrade technology. Now, we live in a generation where it’s common to see changes with technology in the work place. The important trait that today’s technology now is apart of our lives. How many times can you run to your computer for retrieve a document? Rarely now! Everything is close to arms reach.

When you notice your installed technology against you then it’s time to consider grouping with your business or teams to think about the gaps your current technology is causing. Outdated technology can cause difficulty with the following

  • Onboarding Resources with outdated skill
  • Process clogging
  • Delayed Accurate Reporting

If your company is having technology issues. Consult with your consulting team to assist you on migrating to a technology that is apart of your practice

Sheila Marie Volante MBA
Consultant | Operation Rehab LLC