Is Your Company Afraid of Change?

Companies big or small have the opportunity to stay in business  by simply  keeping up with the times. As a consultant I typically hear ” There is nothing wrong with our business processes and vision we have been doing this for 20,30,40 years” As we see Sears, Toys R Us and other major companies practiced the same thing. It’s important to embrace the changes towards the future. Because companies like Amazon saw an opportunity to drop their competition by embracing change.

Operation Rehab, is that change agent consulting firm. We continue to advise and educate the importance of not standing firm to a process because processes change with the times of new age technology. Our tip is consult with your consultant team about any gaps the company may have and implement rehab to your practices. If you do not currently have a consulting firm to advise you our firm is here to help.

Sheila Marie Volante MBA
Consultant | Operation Rehab LLC