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Established December


Operation Rehab is a management advisory services firm that takes a streamlined approach to your business needs. Many companies struggle with operational and performance management issues, and ignore the tell-tale signs that could lead the business into a wrong direction. Operation Rehab inspects your business operations by evaluating your company or department and then produces critical action plans to remediate your business performance issues.

Our evaluations are extensive, but not time-consuming. Our quick turn-around time gives us the opportunity to present your company with the solution it needs to remediate your business problems and roadblocks. Our team then creates a governance strategy as a layer of protection to ensure your operation will run smoothly today and in the future.  


Operation Rehab

Uncertainty around the quality and readiness of technology projects and business initiatives can impact IT governance strategy, and cause unrest within your Board and senior management ranks. We provide a robust and risk-based quality management methodology that empowers your company to proactively identify process quality gaps, resolve PMO deficiencies, and mitigate risk and potential customer impact.

Technology Rehab

The loss of any organization’s information assets due to a breach (internal or external), or failure in operations security can have catastrophic consequences on any organization’s survival. Through technology and tools assessments, we provide a comprehensive range of Information Security and Control (ISC) services to ensure compliance with information security best practices, and to improve your company’s ability to react to new information security threats and vulnerabilities

Marketing Rehab

Business ideas in today’s world require an adaptive approach to brand strategy to remain competitive. Your company's core business values, value proposition, and culture must be at the center of your company's brand identity to differentiate you from your competition. Through innovative website design and effective social media management, we enable your company to achieve it's competitive advantage in your target market.

The team

Sheila Marie Volante MBA
Founder & Consultant

Nancy Aldredge-Foster
Director of Sales

Thomie  Allen-Chambers
Account Manager


Sheila has been AWESOME, she provided me with great guidance on how to upgrade my website and branding. I now have a functional, user-friendly, contemporary website with relevant information for my potential clients and customers. She really has been a pleasure to work with and has added so much value as Consultant. I HIGHLY recommend Operation Rehab, very professional and knowledgeable. Love the work you did for All-In Recruiting & Talent Boutique!

Lauren Anderson
Founder, All-InRecruting